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Some background info:

I'm living currently in the Bulgarian interior, in a half built wreck of a house. I'm 53. 
I bought this house to try to convert for my Mum to move in to. 
She was living near the Greek Turkish border, far from any decent hospitals etc. She had COPD. (Chronic Obstructive Pulminary Disease) She was a heavy smoker and an alcoholic....although very functioning and in many ways stable. 
She moved to Bulgaria after recovering from Breast Cancer in 2004.
I had sold my house in Brighton and moved here (via a year in Greece) in 2014. 
On the way I met a woman who lived in this village. 
Honestly these stories have their own stories, layers and layers of them. Sub plots and twists and turns. But I have to find a way to get these songs written and sung and this story told. Because honestly, right now,this fucking story is telling me and I'm bored of it. 

the complicated stuff

My mum took her own life....
For her it was a powerful act of self responsibility. 
For me, inevitably, it was a tragedy and a rejection.

I want the songs to contain their own antidotes. 
To be healing prayers. 
So whilst I sing them i don't just endlessly re-trigger trauma. 

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