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Guitar tuning drop D

like a the Mantovani effect

Then slight delayed echo in the a gospel song


Blood Red You Are

blood red you are; a deep and violent hue.
Ripping through my veins, running me ragged, bruising me blue. 
Ache inside; call me to my end
I don't stand a chance against these odds;

Lazarus heart; beautiful friend

And this is what I have learned, this is what I know to be true
You could not save me. I could not save you.
You lie because it's easy; you lie because it's what you know. 
You lie to keep things hidden. You stay because you're afraid to go. 

Is this where we come to let it go?
Chalk it up move along?
If loving you broke me, then losing you will make me strong....

And this is what I have learned, this is what I know to be true
You could not stop me. I could not stop you. 
You lie because you want to, you lie because you think you're to blame,
You lied to spare us from your truth
You lied to spare us from your shame.

Blood red you are. A deep and violent hue. 
Ripping through my veins.
Running me ragged, bruising me blue.


Stripped back.
Clean vocal, slight reverb. Deep solid sound. 
Guitar crisp and mellow, not too twangy.

Dial in your number
Caller hold the line
The best has been written
Now all you have is endless time
Now all we have is lots and lots of time

Where is she now?
Blowing in the breeze

I decode her answers
In woodpecker feathers and fallen leaves

Where are you now?
Hanging in the air
In memories and silhouettes
in empty packs of cigarettes

Where are you now?
We’re what you left behind
Who bloody cares anyway
Regrets that feed on wasted time

Dial in your number

Everything’s just fine
I follow her shadow
and when I pray her hands hold mine

Open g9- Slide thing
bit simple, good pace.

5 lines down




Dirty Shadow


Ooooh I couldn’t let it go

For the life I didn’t get to live

Cause I was carrying your dirty shadow

Ooooh now I’m the end of the line

Packing my bags to leave

and I’m only taking what’s mine


When the sun is bright

Light that casts no shade

no more need to hide 

Let the darkness fade

Back to the Light


Ooooh it’s not my debt to pay

In the gap I couldn’t see

I’ve been standing in negative space

Ooooh clean water flow

Wash away the filth and shame

Of this dirty shadow


Loss upon loss

Grief and grief compound

Searching for what’s true

And for solid ground


We can open our arms

Hearts  wide as the sea

We can put it down

We can all walk free

Into the light


Oooh I’m going to let it go

Oooh now I’ve let it go

Oooh…now I’m gonna go.


Into the light

Into the light 

Of my own life

Of what is mine

It's in 5/4 mother fucker!!

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