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General practice principals
Shorter bouts regularly more effective than big chunks at a time! 

1 x 15 mins per day is better than 4 hours at the weekend. 

A. Holding Chords down effectively and memorising them.
Make sure each note rings out clearly. Play slowly and carefully one string at a time. No muffles or buzzes. You should hear a clear note from each string, even those you are not holding down!  5 mins. Each of the different chords. 

B. Changing between chords. Going from chord to chord swiftly. Over and over again. Notice which fingers have to move where. Imagine them moving easily. Literally picture them moving to where you want them to go. Then look away if you can and do it without looking.  5 Minutes 

C. Strength training. Push the fingers on to the strings once you have them in exactly the right place, no right hand, just the left hand, press release, press release. It will help you develop the right pressure. 

This week.  (26th-6th)

Practice from C to G and back. 
*you should be playing C with the first finger on the second string, your middle finger on the fourth string and your fourth finger on the fifth string.  Move to the G with just the third and fourth fingers adding the little finger to the top string! 
For fun pick out the root notes for each chord and then strum down the rest of the notes. 

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