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Mitchell Does Joni


Literally my earliest memory of music, was hearing Joni Mitchell's album "For the Roses". 

Her music has accompanied many of us throughout our lives. The unique fluidity in her musical style - exquisite and infinitely complex - create a canvas for her own extraordinary lyrics, strung together as shamanic incantations that have soothed us in our deepest despair, danced with us in our most joyful joys and shown us the way when we were heartbroken or lost.

Everyone remembers where they lived and what they were doing when they first heard Blue.
Everyone remembers their first  'Case of You'. 

I have yet to meet a Joni fan who was half hearted in their appreciation of her work. 

It's taken me a lifetime in music to even begin to think I could attempt some of these songs, and I hope that when I sing and play them, you can hear how much they mean to me. Because I know how much they are likely to mean to you. 

I hope you enjoy the show, Nicky. 


Pic Credit: Cathie Heart

For more information or to discuss booking this show please contact me here.

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