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"Nicky Mitchell played at my 40th birthday party and I’ve been to a number of performances since. It’s hard to put into words the instant and warm connection she made with my friends and family; it was like she knew us and was one with us. She is quick witted and friendly, always expertly reading the room and the occasion, and putting in the perfect song or dialogue at any given moment. She has an absolutely remarkable ability to sing requests, making the songs her own with her huge vocal range and ability to sing in different styles: she can perform deep, bluesy-melancholic songs that move the audience to tears, jazzy and high-energy songs that get us all clapping, and hilariously funny songs in accents from around the world that bring joy and laughter to the room. For anyone looking for a talented, versatile, warm and highly professional performer, look no further than Nicky Mitchell."

Jess Bavinton 

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