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Testimonial for Nicky Mitchell

We employed Nicky for our wedding on 15 th July 2017 and we were not
disappointed. From the first email contact until the two performances she
did during the day, the communication was seamless. When we met with
her to discuss songs for the ceremony, she was cooperative, encouraging
and supportive in our choices, suggesting adapting lengths of songs and
words to suit our requirements. She was so approachable and pleasant
about our special day.

Additionally, she offered to contact the venue where she performed in the
evening about sound checking and arrival, alleviating us from one more
job to do. She was thorough and we were very lucky to be able to be in a
position to trust her 100% as we at no point had any doubts about her
suitability or ability to deliver.

On the day she was there without any prompting, she was engaging with
the guests in the ceremony and had a fantastic timely presence. When
she arrived in the evening she blended in with the occasion and was able
to entertain the children and woo the adults. It was a suitably fitting
performance with subtle control without lack of continuity. She is very
professional performer and that was evident in how she adapted to the
scene she was in.

All our guests were amazed by her range, engagement with them and the
pure enjoyment she conveyed.

I would recommend her in any performance situation; she is a very
talented, giving and honest performer, perfect qualities for someone of
her calibre.

Finally, we secured her attendance with an initial deposit and then paid
the outstanding balance a few days before the date. However, there was
no pressure on her part and she was flexible but professional about
signing a contract ensuring both parties’ protection.

Ann Petruckevitch

29 th July 2017

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